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January 05, 2013



I always make fun of a friend of mine because she has a gazillion inspirational sayings around her house, but sometimes it makes me think. What if I wrote out a short list of attainable goals and posted them in the entryway of my home--would that help me live a slightly more purposeful/fulfilling life? I think I am sometimes too easy on myself as well.

Sigrun Joh.

Happy new year :) Good goals, looking forward seeing your 8 patterns.


Wonderful goals and yes you can walk 500 miles! I've walked/run 675 miles since I got my Fitbit in June. That's mid-June to Dec. 31st. I did the C25K over the summer and ran in two 5K's this fall/ winter. If you can keep up with at least 10,000 steps per day your goal will be a piece of cake. I too am back at WW and embracing it best I can. I wonder if we have the same meeting leader.... Kathy A? No not the Knitigator. :-) Though that would be fun too. I'll be in your town later this month for my yearly eye exam. Let me know if you'd like to meet for coffee and knitting. Happy New Year!


10 miles a week. 2 miles a day, sleeping in on the weekends b/c c'mon... it's a weekend. You can do this!!! I might just join you on this one!

Love, love, love your photography. Great goals for chasing down what you love!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

t he new cam,era and the less pounds. Congrats on the new camera and the poundage loss!


great goals!! thanks so much for your lovely comment- it really made me smile! and it allowed me to find your blog! what awesome patterns!!!! I am amazed you can write a pattern! i too have a canon to figure out- heres to 2013!


Ruminating is a good word. And, I think writing things down helps a lot. Happy 2013!


Those sound like great goals - enough to be challenging, but not overwhelming either. Looking forward to the potholder swap making a triumphant return! happy 2013!


That's a lot of miles but I bet you can do it if you put your mind (and feet!) to it. And good for you with WW. All of your other goals are terrific, too.

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